Welcome to the 'Extras'pages of the Newport Pagnell Weather site. Most likely you have been directed to these pages from the menu on the main page. The 'Extras' pages will provide an easy to use source of additional weather data created via the Weather Display software.

To those users that think these pages look familiar - you are right! I ran a weather site from Newport Pagnell from 2004 until 2018 when we moved house. Having recently moved back I have set up another weather station and retained the theme of the old site for these pages. This may change at some point - depending on how the mood takes me!

You will see from the menu what data is available and this includes a more dynamic view of live data. I hope to add to this in the near future including forecasts using WXSIM software.

The weather station (AWS) in use here is the Davis Vantage Vue which provides data wirelessly to my PC and direct to the internet.

Newport Pagnell Location

Newport Pagnell is located in the Northern part of the county of Buckinghamshire, about 50miles (80km) northwest of London and about 100miles (160km) southeast of Birmingham. We are affected by weather coming from both the East and the West, but generally our weather is not exceptional and being located in the centre of England, we do not often get extremes of weather.

Newport Pagnell Location

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